Preventive Dentistry

Çekim ve Aynı Gün İmplant

There are precautions to take when yet the teeth decay and the gums are healthy.

  • Taking control of mouth hygiene

Brushing and using floss for the interval of teeth, using interface brush are of key importance. 


  • Following tooth progress 

Certain orthodontic problems can be prevented with eruption guidance in changing period of primary tooth.


  • Developing healthy eating habits 

It is important to reduce the amount of karyogenic food consumed and consume it in main meals. Karyogenic foods are sugary and acidic, which stick on the teeth and can be cleaned with difficulty.


  • Eliminating bad habits

Habits such as thumb sucking, pen biting, biting nails causes serious problems of tooth and skeleton.


  • Fluoride application

It is an efficient method for increasing the resistance of enamel against acid.


  • Fissure covering applications 

Fissures are anatomic pits on teeth surfaces. In the condition of they are too deep, the teeth cannot be cleaned with brushing. Decay occurrence is prevailed by covering fissures with resin materials.


  • Space maintainers 

Early loss of primary teeth causes relocation of the other teeth and in future causes orthodontic problems. The place of lost teeth is protected with space maintainers until the eruption of constant tooth.


Bruxism (teeth grinding or clenching) plaque

It is prepared to prevent joint discomfort and teeth abrasion caused by teeth grinding and clenching