Ceramic Fillings (Inlay and Onlay)

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Ceramic fillings are superiorly aesthetic and enduring fillings that are prepared in the laboratory and fixed to the teeth with adhesive systems. It is a method developed to protect the healthy tooth tissue when there is too much material loss or kurona application is required with making the tooth smaller. Since the hardness and abrasion resistance of pressible porcelains that are used in inlay and onlays are identical with natural teeth, it supports the regaining health of jaw joint and all chewing system.

Composite Fillings

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It is preferred rather than black-metallic looking amalgam fillings for being closely matched to the color of existing teeth. With the advanced developments in adhesive systems, it can also be applied in back areas with confidence. Application should be done with layers by a careful and experienced dentist.

Root Canal Treatment

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Pulp is removed through the canals, canals are reshaped, and canal filling is done when the pulp (tooth nerve fibres and vessels) is affected irreversibly because of untreated decay, trauma etc. or when the pulp comes out for some reason.