Patient Admission Protocol During Covid-19

Patient Admission Protocol During Covid-19

Covid19 Hasta Kabul Protokolü


Coming to The Clinic During Pandemic…

During the pandemic period, we have taken extra measures in addition to our regular sterilization procedure.

One of the measures we have put in place is to extend the time for ventilation and disenfection after aerosol processes. Therefore, keeping up with your appointment time has become more crucial than usual.

We would strongly prefer that you come to your appointment alone. In case a companion is necessary, we kindly request you to bring only one person with you.

We would like you to enter the clinique wearing your face mask, and take it off only during the treatment. Besides, upon entry to the clinique, you will be requested to disenfect your hands, and also wash with soap and water.

We removed all objects which cannot be disenfected, including books and magazines. In case of being touched, you must disenfect your mobile phone.

We postpone treatments of our patients who have been in contact with someone who has fever, cough, smell-taste loss or short breath within last 14 days. Likewise, we kindly request you to inform us and cancel your appointment in case you start showing symptoms of cold or flu.

We ventilate our clinic with fresh outdoor air flow continuously throughout the day. Therefore, we would like to remind you to wear warm clothes during the cold weather conditions

If you are coming to our clinic for the first time, you will be asked to fill in the anamnesis form. At this moment, we have the anamnesis form available online. And during the pandemic period, we strongly prefer that you fill in the form online.


I understand that my/my dependant's personal information is gathered as part of the assessment and treatment process. Radiography, photography, video or other data of me/my dependant can be used as anonymized medical data for educational and/or research purposes,


I understand that the treatment can have side effects, treatment plan is subject to change as the case progresses depending on what we find as treatment moves along, the possible changes might result in change in cost of the treatment, if required consultation from other medical doctors/dentists will be requested, if required certain stage or stages of the treatment will be undertaken by another medical doctor/dentist,


I understand that the success of the treatment also depends on me. I must fulfill the mouth and teeth cleaning routines and follow the advices regarding smoking and alcohol consumption, and I must use the medication prescribed for me following the advised dosage and duration,


I understand that the treatment I am provided aims to enhance mouth and teeth health. The medical services will be proceeded meticulously, however the result cannot be guaranteed,


I read and understood above articles. The treatment plan for me/my dependant will be explained to me upon my visit. I will be provided treatment on the condition that I accept the treatment plan and agree with the above articles.