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What To Do After Implant Surgery

What To Do After Implant Surgery

 • Do not eat anything until the anesthesia wears off.

 • It’s not recommended to consume hot foods in 2 days after the surgery. Eat soft and warm foods inplace. 

  • It’s not recommended hot shower and activities like sport in the surgery day.

  • Keep applying the cold compress which has been given to you by your doctor for 6 hours. This procedure needs to be done right after the surgery, and only for the surgery day.

  • In the healing period after the surgery, patient should quit smoking tobacco based products like cigarette for 1 week. Otherwise the  healing process can get effected and may create anomalies in the surgery area.

  • In the first day, a little blood may leak from surgery area. If the bleeding continues use the sanitized gauze which your doctor gave you and press it on the bleeding wound. If the bleeding still continues after 30 minutes call your doctor right away and explain your medical condition.

  • It’s not recommended to wash mouth and spit saliva. If you need you can take a little water on your mouth, circulate slowly and drain slowly.

  • Use thick pillows while sleeping in the 2 nights after the surgical operation. Keeping your head at a higher position during the sleep will reduce the possiblity of bleeding while your are asleep.

  • On the next day lump or purpleness may occur and the next day that may increase. This is a regular post operative condition.

  • If the mouthwash medicine suggested contains klorhexidin,  use it the following day of the surgery. Use it twice a day after the breakfast  and before sleep. Keep in mind that you need to keep the mouthwash solution around the surgery area for a minute. Do not eat or drink anything for an hour. Continue using mouthwash medicine till your stitches get removed.

  • You can keep the implanted area clean by using and extra-soft toothbrush. Do not hesitate to brush other teeth though it’s really important to keep your mouth fresh and clean to support healing process.

  • Stitches on the surgery site will be removed in 7-10 days

    If there is a tooth on your implant, it is just about how you seem. It is important that you musn't touch that and do not bite with that tooth.

  • Contact your doctor if unexpected conditions and symptoms occur.