Tissue Guidance Operations

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Graft Application is the process of completion of tissue loss with tissue taken from various sources. Soft Tissue Grafts are mostly applied for

• Removing sensibility and restoring the appearance of the tooth when the root surface of the tooth is visible due to receded gums,

• Preventing progress of gum disease due to insufficiency or lack of bonded gum,

• Preventing possible problems especially those that occur in implant applications for thin phenotype patients. Bone Grafting is a treatment method that is mostly used to treat bone loss around the tooth, or when it is necessary to generate sufficient bone for an implant.

Hemisection (Tooth Devision)

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Hemisection is a procedure which divides a multi-rooted tooth to be able to evaluate the tooth in two independent parts.

In the situation, that one of the roots can not be treated, it is possible to divide the tooth and therefore the sickly part can be extracted. Another situation where hemisection can be implemented is when there is a problem resulting from the furcation (connection of roots). In that case the molar tooth can be divided and then be evaluated and treated as two seperate teeth.

Hemisection is a treatment, which can be resorted to for saving teeth.

Embedded Tooth Operations

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Embedded teeth can cause cysts around themselves and/or can threaten the health of other teeth around them. In this case they are extracted from under the tissue through surgery. Embedded teeth are considered similar to embedded wisdom teeth.


Wisdom Teeth

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